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Cadastro predial, Levantamentos topográficos, Cartografia

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My Services

Levantamento Topográfico e Cartográfico

Topographic and Cartographic Surveys

We develop customized processes for the acquisition of data in the field using the classic topographic processes using GNSS and total station technology and we provide all types of topographic surveys and implementation of traverses.

Cadastro Predial

Land Registry

The Land Registry (CP) allows the knowledge of buildings by reference to their administrative and geographical location, geometric configuration and area. The Cadastral update before public bodies is mandatory under certain requirements and percentages. It is important to carry it out right after a highlight or even its verification and confrontation with the CGPR Authorized by DGT

Levantamentos Aéreos

Aerial Surveys

Officially authorized and certified by ANAC (National Civil Aviation Authority) and the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA).,  that allows me to fly drones in specific categories in Portugal and Europe.

Levantamentos Arquitetónicos

Architectural Surveys

Surveys of Architecture and Civil Engineering

Desenho, Estudos e Projetos Viários

Design, Studies and Road Projects

The main purpose of the technical drawing is to faithfully represent the object according to the interest of the project, conveying technical details of elements, which must be made as clearly as possible. Even subject to procedures and rules, a technical drawing requires the author's creativity and abstraction capacity to clearly show all relevant aspects, without leaving any doubts.

arquitetura (1).png


Production of vector topographic cartography, thematic and topographic image cartography (orthophotomaps). Production of classic aerial photogrammetry or with the use of UAV (Drone) and its future approval by the competent authorities.

Obras Públicas

Public works 

Execution of topographical plans, which serve as a basis for any and all studies and engineering and architectural projects, as well as for the implementation and monitoring of the projected work.

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