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Cadastro predial, Levantamentos topográficos, Cartografia

Land Registry

The Land Registry (CP) allows the knowledge of buildings by reference to their administrative and geographical location, geometric configuration and area.


Update, Registration of Rural, Urban Boundary Surveys.

Cadastral updating before public bodies is mandatory under certain requirements and percentages. It is important to carry it out as soon as there are discrepancies in areas between notebooks, or even doubts in relation to the same areas.

Verificação Cadastral e Demarcação de Vértices  de extrema em falta.

Verification and setting out Boundary Coordinates

Expertise, Cadastral Errors, Checking and extreme vertex demarcation.

Mapas de Áreas e Perícias Cadastrais de Prédios Urbanos.

Maps and land surveys of urban areas.

Dispute situations of urban areas with reporting and fully prepared for courts as evidence of improper occupation.

Destaques e Uniões Cadastrais

Highlights, Inheritance  and Cadastral Unions

Topographic land Survey, Highlight plan and respective report.

Provas Cadastrais para Tribunais, perícias  e Emissão de Relatórios Técnicos Cadastrais

Land registry for Courts,land registry Studies and land registry Technical Reports

land registry expertise as evidence for actions and claims.

Disputas de áreas

Urban areas disputes

The divergence over the possession of houses, lands, places, countries or continents has always been one of the greatest struggles between human beings since antiquity. Below are some examples of work I did.

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